Bag at You Me&Mats SusanneBag at You Me&Mats AstridBag at You Me&Mats bags and namesThis is an amazing story about an incredible strong and passionate mother who turned her greatest lost, into something quite happy!

Its all about the little moments in life. Those flashes will create happiness in life!

Bag at You Me&Mats necklaceThat is what Me&Mats is all about! Astrid, the founder of this compassionate brand, wanted to do something with her little, but ultimate moment of happiness. When Astrid lost her little son Mats, who was born too early and could only be with his mother for 30 minutes, her misfortune became her biggest motivation. Although Astrid was devastated, she found out that those little moments were the happiest ones of her life.

And so Mats became her big inspirator. Astrid wanted to set up a label that only appeals to happy moments, in cherishing little moments. Me&Mats exclusively offers items with a positive mind-set. Astrid designs all the products herself. Her secret?

I just stay close to my own style, taste and values. Me&Mats products are characterized by simplicity, functionalism and grace. Besides the designs, the packaging is very important. You should be filled with joy as from the first moment you see your new purchase.

Bag at You Me&Mats braceletMoreover, the bags and the jewelry are finished as such that they keep making you smile (e.g. the fierce pink lining). The suppliers are all very passionate people and they are very joyful to create the most beautiful accessories for Me&Mats.

The bags, necklaces, earrings and bracelets are designed to create sincere happy moments. Astrid is a very creative woman by nature and she also came up with many original and playful names, such as “you clutch too much“, “bag me around” (the one that I wear on the picture), “lady in black” and “black tie“.

With Me&Mats Astrid wants to remind you (and herself) to stop rushing, to let go of the day to day stress and seize the moment!!

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