Lisbon & the cotton bag!

Lisbon & the cotton bag!

Bag at You Lisbon Suus

Bag at You Lissabon 1

Bag at You Lissabon Group

Work hard, play hard! That is what we lawyers do! Besides the famous “vrijmibo’s”, we go on grand voyages two times a year! In winter we go skiing and in summer we visit the best party destinations in the world..!!

So last weekend, instead of attending London’s fashion week, I grabbed my bag and went to Lisbon together with more than 45 of my colleagues! This city was built over seven hills on the margins of a river and is the only capital located along the Atlantic coast. Lisbon has a very rich history as it is one of the oldest cities in the world (predating Paris, Rome and Amsterdam). Pre-Celtics, Romans and Moors lived here in the earlier days so we can now enjoy the cultural marks they left behind.

This was my first time in Portugal and I absolutely loved it!! The trip didn’t start that well as my new – most carefully selected – Samsonite Suitcase still wasn’t suitable according to the Transavia standards. I therefore had to travel without a bag which resulted in a lost passport (thankfully my colleague found it) and a broken driving licence (yes – I simply can not go without a bag). Therefore I decided to stick to my blue cotton bag for the rest of our stay and enjoyed the best associate weekend ever!!

Lissabon 4So… What did we do? On Friday night, after we checked-in in the beautiful Sheraton hotel, we started off with cava at the rooftop restaurant Rossio located on the top floor of Hotel Atlantis, where a delicious four-course dinner was served. Afterwards we went to the Urban Beach Club and partied until laaaaate! Saturday’s program was kept a secret and revealed step by step. It all began with a ride in a traditional tram that brought us to Casa Pastéis de Belém to be introduced with the classical Portuguese egg tart pastry: Pastéis de Belém (YAM!). Then we were divided into teams of 4 (my team was team green) and a cabrio was allocated to each of the groups. After a wonderful day trip – touring the coastline and the surroundings of Sintra fulfilling several assignments – we all united in the marvelous beach club Arriba by the Sea. Some “Angels” dared to face the high waves of the Atlantic ocean and we had a dinner beach party with an breathtaking sunset. The night was concluded with G&T’s in O Bom O Mau Eo Vilao and some dancing in Lux! On Sunday we brunched at the Pharmacia and chilled at the pool, the best way to end this wonderful trip!

I also managed to buy a little souvenir:)!! This Parfois Bag represents my stay in this colorful sunny city on the hills with so many different houses, representing each of my colleagues with their own unique flairs & characteristics all forming one severe group of friends! Carrying this bag in Amsterdam makes me experience the trip all over again!

Bag at You Bag in Amsterdam

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