The bag of… Jeanette

The bag of… Jeanette

Jeannette Bag at You BagBag at You Jeannette Black Beauty

Jeannette and her sister have this great tradition of buying pretty things for one another. This bag is the best example of this ritual as her sister knew that I was looking for a comfy and elegant container. This black beauty is TOV Essentials and was bought at Mignon (Bilthoven).

It is my favorite as I can fill it up with all kinds of essentials (such as an iPad, extra pair of shoes and a book) without it looking too big. I am very pleased with all the different compartments and I love the fine-looking, smooth and soft leather with the playful golden elements. But the most important thing, I totally cheer up each time I look inside the bag as it has a fierce pink lining!

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