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Hi you!! Yes you! Hey Partyanimal!

Also tired of that bag that you have to carry with you while you are partying? That thing that is falling off your shoulder each time you put your hands up in the air? I do not know about you but I get eventually so tired of it that (even) I get the same emotional rejection towards bags as Nathalie Ajouz has in normal life! Moreover, those weird-looking stuffed pockets never suited anyone well…

But now I have found the perfect solution: a hip bag that is totally fashionable and looks fabulous when you wear it: the Hipp Bag.

Bag at You Hipp Bag 6It all started on the beautiful island Ibiza, the place to celebrate and to fall in love. As Linda, the person behind the Hipp Bag, was partying, she fell in love with the bag that was swinging around the hips of her Spanish friend. This friend told Linda that Heidi Rivas designed and made them by hand in her atelier in Barcelona. After Linda visited Heidi’s workplace, she was so impressed that Linda decided to be the distributor of these bags in the Netherlands.

All of these hipp bags are handcrafted and unique and named after a festival. If you take a closer look at the Volt, the Sensation or the Mystery, we note that their look is similar to the character of the specific dance event. Each bag is made of beautiful soft Portuguese leather and is finished differently resulting in the fact that none of the bags are exactly the same. Additionally, you can create your own personalized bag by choosing the color and textiles you like.

So order here your exclusive Hipp Bag and party hard while your precious belongings are safely and fabulously kept on your hipp!

P.s. In about 16 days from now, ADE will kick off! Wouldn’t it be nice to go there with a new bag around your hipps?!

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