Follow your heart

Follow your heart

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Get the look: all accessories of Los Complementos de María such as the bag, earrings, ring, bracelet heart, bracelet “sigue a tu corazón” and necklace small heart.

As also explained in “Andalusian Alleys“, Andalusia is my second home. In this context I luckily spend some of my holidays near Marbella!

El AnclaMy favorite beach club in the Costa del Sol is El Ancla (San Pedro), which really is the perfect mixture of Spanish relaxation and international jetset.  The pool, the food and the view are certainly making El Ancla  worth a visit!

This summer my boyfriend and I went to this beach club. As we were enjoying our lunch a beautiful girl came to sit next to us. She carried a very nice beach bag and  she was decorated with amazing, colorful and accessible accessories that immediately caught my eye. I was impressed by her charisma and how she combined her jewelry so we started to talk…

Her name was María and she told me her fascinating story about how three years ago she and her sister followed their hearts by starting their own company, Los Completemtos de María. These sisters design the accessories which are sold in the small shop located at El Ancla and (luckily) also online:)! You can choose from different necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bags, belts, rings, sunglasses, clutches and tops, which are very easy to wear and reasonably priced. It’s all about the combination, and if you do it right, like María, the accessories are to wear with your beach look, street wear or your night out.

So check out the website because you probably will find something you want to add to you collection! Note however that the site is written in Spanish, so if you need any help, please feel free to contact María or me. We are more than happy to help!

– Sigue a tu corazón –

To conclude this post, María and I think that if you strongly believe in something, are good at it, work very hard and have the determination to bring your idea into a success, follow your heart and you will succeed!

P.s. Made with love <3 & Arquitube Bag

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