Boyfriend Bag

Boyfriend Bag



What is it about stuff we want to borrow from our boyfriends? I mean, it is not like we do not have enough shirts, trousers, jumpers, hats, scarfs or bags ourselves… So why do we desire so much to wear these items? Is it because we sometimes want to add a masculine, relaxed, tough and confident touch to our outfit? Or is there maybe an emotional aspect as we like to wear the clothes from the person we love? The reason might be that men’s fashion is evolving rapidly and is currently more innovative than the feminine side of the fashion industry. Do we do it so we do have the same look every day?  Or is it just because their clothes are so comfy?

Most guys also shop with a different mind-set. Our men buy items that they really need and like. They are smart and efficient shoppers, which results in high-quality purchases that are comfortable and easy to combine. Men wear the items in their collection many times which eventually give a nice worn look to the piece of clothing or accessory. Some brands are designing androgynous items, which have both masculine and feminine characteristics. Still I prefer to borrow these items, since I very much enjoy the emotional connection to the piece of clothing or accessory.

The bag in the pictures is my boyfriend’s (get similar here), which is made of genuine fine leather, has coarse silver colored zippers, a neutral color, is timeless and has many pockets inside. Cowboysbag only uses premium leather because they want to make sure that each of their products will last long enough so they can slowly grow more beautiful as time goes by. This philosophy perfectly fits the guy’s perspective. What do you think of me wearing this bag? Can I get away with it?

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