Bakers and Roasters

Bakers and Roasters

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Grab your bag and go to Bakers & Roasters!

Who doesn’t fancy a good, long and extensive brunch with his/her best friend?! Especially on Sunday’s – the day that it is allowed to do nothing, taking the time to undo all the stress from last week and filling up “the engine” for the week to come!

So last Sunday, my best friend and I went to Bakers & Roasters located in the Pijp. As we were talking and waiting to be seated (in the weekends it may occur that you have to wait for a bit) we were happily surprised about the relaxed and good vibes we got from this place. It might be the result of mixing the best flavors and qualities of two very different countries together, being New Zealand and Brasil. As the founders of this place could have landed anywhere, we should be lucky that they decided to put their idea in practice here in Amsterdam. This spot is famous for its poached eggs and its old school milkshakes. I also noticed that many people choose the “Make your own Mimosa”-cocktail! I didn’t as I just started (to try) to drink no alcohol for one week (which actually is a quite hard thing to accomplish).

So, in line with my good intentions, I just enjoyed a detox purifying tea and a “vitamin packed juice” (passion fruit and orange). We were lucky as we sat at the bar, next to the place where the Barista turned each cup of coffee into a piece of art. From the large menu, stating all kind of different styled eggs, pancakes, fresh fruit salads, granola’s, bagels, pies, salads and sweet baked cakes, we note that the owners must have a great passion for food. We went for the Vege Brekkie and the colorful B&R Cobb Salad (De-é-licious!). Eventually, we stayed here for three hours and we will definitely go back soon! Go here if you want – like they have said themselves – to experience the “Latipodian & Brazealian” hospitality and dishes combined with modern twist, a Californian smile and some London edginess.

Bag at You Bakers & Roasters Suus & Best friend

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