48 Hours in London!


48 Hours in London!

As I have been studying in London for 4 months and participated in the Vogue Intensive Summer Course at Conde Nast College for another month, this British city feels like my second home. Especially as my husband also proposed to me in this amazing town. It is a very special place that will never fail to amaze me. And now that the British pound has hit an all time low, there has never been a more affordable time to travel to London. That means that literally every thing you will do there, is cheaper. So yes, not all things are bad about the Brexit. And to show you how you can save money during your trip, Virgin Atlantic launched the so-called Brexit Calculator. You can just simply select any London bucket list item and the calculator tallies up your savings. And I can tell you, that makes it extra fun to visit London soon. To give you an idea of what you should do when you visit this cool town, I created this 48 hours itinerary on the basis of the Brexit Calculator! Keep in mind that London is so big, you will never have enough time to do every thing. But I included the absolute highlights of this beautiful city!

– 48 Hours London Guide –



So to get started, make sure you visit Nothing hill, preferably on a Saturday morning! Here you can find the coolest and most surprising vintage items and great bites like cupcakes and pancakes. Have lunch at 202 (order the English Breakfast, was $26, now $21) and bike via Hyde Park and Oxford Street to Regent Street for some shopping. Stop for a pint at The Shaston Arms (I used to work here and now you can order 5 pints of beer for the price of 4) and continue to Piccadilly Circus. Enjoy a sunset walk through James Park and watch the sky turn pink while you take photos of Buckingham Palace. Go back to your hotel, change into your party dress and grab a taxi (was $30, now $25) to Sketch, one of the greatest places in London to enjoy dinner! And no, that is not your last destination of day 1, because the party has only just begun! Visit one of Londons famous clubs to dance and have some gin & tonics!


Sleep in, but only just a little as you don’t want to miss a minute in this city. Start with a nice walk next to the Thames and take some photos of the Tower Bridge. From here you can take a river cruise over the Thames (was $100 and now $82). Now you have to choose, if you like culture, visit the Tower of London but if you like vintage and hipster markets, make your way to the Old Spitafields Market (if you buy something from every stand, it used to cost $3,000 and now $2,474). Go for a cocktail to the Sky Gardenfamous enlarged glass dome of 20 Fenchurch Street. Trust me, the views from here are magnificent and the cocktails are extra tasty! Have an early fish and chips dinner (was $12, now $10) as you don’t want to be late for your final bucket list item, your West End Musical (was $186, now $154).


The above photo is a screenshot of this 48 hours London Guide and as you can see, you will at least save $589. So don’t wait and make sure to book your ticket asap! ENJOY!

Hope you liked reading this article!

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