Win the perfect bag!

Bag at You New Look and Win - Featured

Win the perfect bag!

SAM_3948Bag at You New LookSwing your bag around, it is party time!

Under the guise of, you may throw a party for each stepping stone achieved, I wanted to celebrate this event with you! Bag at You is a little over 6 months old and we have real treats for you! First of all, we made sure that you, as my guest, will be entering a spick and span blog! I therefore invite you again to this renewed website and experience the refreshed look of Bag at You. This fashion blog has a fresh interior & a new glimpse. Yes sweeties, things are about to get better for you! Bag at You is being professionalized and becoming more than just an explosive expression of a passionate hobby.

You furthermore may win the perfect little black bag! This beautiful handmade clutch by SPRDLX is simple & sophisticated, chic & functional, timeless & not dependent on a trend and exceptional & fashionable!! As said in “Every woman needs a little black bag!“, a little black bag is essential to complete your collection (and I believe you can never have too many)! You can check out this post to read all about the Amsterdam based label that designs and creates the most beautiful leather products.

Win a SPRDLX black clutch - bag

So now that you are all excited and keen to win this bag, just:

  • Comment on this post in the below and tell me which post is your favorite one so far;
  • Follow me on Instagram @bagatyou (if you already do so, great!); and
  • Like my Facebook page @bagatyou and share this post on Facebook (see icons under “Related posts”)!


The contest will end on 31 January 2015!

P.s. 1 – Are you also a fan of the SPRDLX products, like the Facebook page here!
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  • Céline Bender

    Ja ik wil!!! Teveel om te kiezen. Wordt vervolgd! X

  • Roeland Bavinck

    My favorite post is definitely Red Revealing Reflection! Think my girlfriend would love perfect little black bag!

    • You know your girlfriend too well! X

  • Manon Meeusen

    My favorite post is the one about the picknick basket, because it was te first one with specific tips about fashion. That’s the thing I most like about your blog, tips voor clothes, bags and jewelery. Good luck with your blog and I hope to win the bag! X

    • Hi Sweetie! Thank you for your comment and letting me know what you like most about this blog! I will certainly keep on doing that! I also loved working on the picnic basket-post (! X Susanne

      P.s. I think that SPRDLX bag would suit you well btw;)!

  • Nini

    My favorite blog is last minute christmas bagging. The picture with you laughing and enjoying the moment, with all the red surrounding you, gives me a lot of energy. Often I want to read the post again, but it also encourages me to click on another image to read a new blog. Furthermore, I really like it when you write about brands, or supply us with ideas for our outfit or a nice gift, so I hope you will continue doing that!
    I also love: Am I delusional or just wildly ambitious?
    Can’t wait to find out if I’ll be the lucky winner!

    • Hi dear, I will definitely continue to do that! Thank you for your enthusiasm & feedback! Means the world to me! Xx

  • Céline Bender

    Ja ik wil!!! Teveel om te kiezen. Wordt vervolgd!

  • Britt

    Loved the “infected by Paradise”…Always a good thing to have more arguments to buy extra souvenirs XD

    • Haha, so glad that you totally agree! Xx

  • Anamika

    Love your blog!! My favorite is ‘Am I delusional or just wildly ambitious?’. It really shows that you follow your dream by starting this blog!

    And I love your photos! 🙂

    • That is also one of my favorite posts Anamika! Thank you!

  • Lonneke

    Definitely ‘Am I delusional or just wildly ambitious?’! It takes courage to follow your heart and choose for the things you love (especially when it’s different from what people expect). The pictures with the box, your new bag and your happy face fit perfect with this post! Xx

    • Thank you for your support Lonnneke! Xx

  • Bel

    Hi Suus!
    My favourite post is definitely, I still get f* jealous to see those beautiful pictures!
    x Bel

    • You are quite a beauty yourself, you know! Maybe you can write a guest post in the future where we can show your beautiful pictures and bags;)! Thank you for your comment! Xx

  • Sonia

    Love your blog, and look how far you’ve come in half a year!! If I had to pick a post it therefore would be the first:
    ” Freshmen on the streets..” where it all started with the first photo shoot and an honest story about how it felt starting this adventure!
    Also working with you is great and inspirational! x

    • Thank you Sonia! I think we inspire and motivate each other!! Looking forward to the fashion show tonight!! Xx

  • Ruby

    My favorite post was easy to pick:: Am I delusional or just wildly ambitious? I loved your pictures and how happy you look in them! And it tells the best and most inspiring story about following your heart. Good luck babe!

    • Thanks Ruby! I was indeed super happy and excited at that time and I’m still very happy with my decision! Xx Susanne

  • Yeahhh… And the winner is… Britt Pluijmers! Congratulations & enjoy the perfect clutch by SPRDLX!

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