VLOG: Road Trip USA


VLOG: Road Trip USA

When I look at this video I realise we are so lucky. Lucky to be able to travel, to meet new people, to discover new places. And as today is a very big Dutch holiday, Bevrijdingsdag, this video makes me extra lucky to be free. It makes me more & more adventurous and hungry to discover the rest of the world. Two weeks ago we started our road trip in San Francisco, which was our home for 1 year. From there we drove to Vegas, did the coolest hike in Zion National Park, watched the sunrise in Bryce Canyon, did a tour in Antelope Canyon, had a picknick on Horseshoe Bend, walked 12 miles in the Grand Canyon, and enjoyed the view over Sedona from a big Red Rock. We covered 6 states: California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. As this probably is a little bit hard to visualise, I created this vlog. I really hope you’ll enjoy it and that it inspires you to start saving money and vacation days so you can do the same, soon..!


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  • Oh my goodness your trip looks so magical! What beautiful places you have visited!
    Love it!
    Xx Caroline

  • Violette

    Looks like so much fun! Hope you enjoyed!


    • Thanks darling!! And yes, we loved it!! Xx Susanne

  • Such a great trip! I’ve done part of the route and I loved it.

    • Thanks sweetie!! I’m happy that you loved it as well! Xx

  • Christine

    What a fun road trip and way to see parts of America. I love SF too and have a sister that lives in SF and a sister that lives in Houston (what a coincidence!). Always love Vegas, but haven’t been to Bryce and Zion but only seen beautiful pictures of those locations. Such a great video and glad you captured it all! xoxo, Christine

    • Thank you so much sweetie!! And that is indeed a very funny coincidence that you have two sisters living in the cities that I live(d) in! Let me know when you come to visit Houston! And I hope you can visit Bryce and Zion one day! Xx Susanne

  • Carina Vardie

    This video is so fun! Vegas is awesome and the Grand Canyon is breathtakingly beautiful!


  • Nice sharing 🙂 This is one of my favorite posts that you’ve done.

    Board-Certified Psychiatrist in Brooklyn

  • I believe it was an awesome trip. I couldn’t view the video in my country though 🙁

    Have a good weekend! <3

    • Thanks sweetie! Too bad you couldn’t watch the video..! But thanks for stopping by! Xx Susanne

  • I always feel the same way about traveling. It is su amazing to be able to experience other places. I’ve never been as far as another continent, but I would love to.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style</a

    • I hope you can travel to other continents in the future; I’m sure you will love it! Thanks for stopping by! Xx Susanne

  • I really want to go on a road trip in the states! I miss it so much!


    • Yessss I hope you can go soon! Xx Susanne

  • Yay I love vlogs. I want to check out that hike in Zion National Park. Looks like you had an incredible trip. Houston is going to be a great adventure for you!!! I’ve visited and I love it there. There’s nothing like creating new experiences and enjoying life1

    • Thank you so much Mary!! That is super sweet! Houston is indeed very nice, I love it here! Thanks for stopping by! Xx Susanne

  • Looks like such a fun trip! I love going on road trips.


  • La Veine

    For some reason I’m not able to watch your video from Portugal! 🙁
    But I’m glad you had a great time on your holiday 😀


    • Ohh I’m so sad to hear that! Is there some way I can fix that? Xx Susanne

  • Carmen Jny (carmitive)

    Aaw it looks like you had a great time! This vlog really makes me wanna go back to the USA asap 🙂
    Have a great start into the new week <3
    xx, Carmen – http://www.carmitive.com

    • Thanks babe!! I hope you can go back soon, I love it here! Have a lovely weekend! Xx Susanne

  • ohhh love it hun!!
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎

  • Mes Voyages à Paris

    It looks like a great trip!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Mónica Sors

  • It’s such a shame I cannot watch the video here in Germany! It sounds like an amazing trip Sussane!
    Love from https://tbymallano.com/

    • Ohh I’m sorry to hear you can’t watch the video as it was indeed amazing! Xx Susanne

  • I think it’s so cool that you made your move into a little road trip! It looked like you had so much fun exploring. I wish you all the best in settling into your new home, may you make lots of new and exciting memories to be cherished, cheers!! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a great week ahead!



    • Thank you so much!! Indeed, we made a lot of memories to cherish! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have the best weekend! Xx Susanne

  • Oh wow, this is undoubtedly one of my fave travel vlogs to have watched so far! Having an insight from your perspective of the road trip, driving along the road with trees all around – 100% wishing I was there!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • Thank you so much sweetie!! I hope you can make a similar road trip one day as well! Xx

  • Your style mood YSM

    OMG honey !!!! What a fun and great video !!!! Such a fab idea to made your own video and share it ))))

    • Thank you so much!! Haha, it was a lot of work, but very fun indeed! Xx Susanne

  • MeettheHappyGirl

    Such a great video! I would love to go Vegas and the canyons as well!
    Love Kathi

    • Thank you so much sweetie!! I hope you can visit one day as well! Xx Susanne

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