Red Revealing Reflection


Red Revealing Reflection

What is your favorite bag? If you think about it, this question is often very easy to answer. It is probably the bag you carry with you almost every day, whether you go to work, do some shopping or go on a first date. Frequently, women have an emotional connection to that particular bag. Your friends associate you and your bag now that it has become a part of you. Like I said in “No bag no story“, this bag carries your world!

So what about your bag: should your bag be a match with everything you wear? Or do you prefer an exclusive bag, maybe a limited edition of your favorite designer or the bag designed by yourself? Should the bag be versatile inside so it is organized with pockets for just about everything? Do you choose a large shopper or a mini shoulder bag? Will you stick to your favorite designer? Do you carry it by hand? Or maybe you pick a hipster bum bag? And what about the fabric? Do you leave the house with your easy going cotton bag? Or do you prefer the chic leather look? Or maybe you elect suede, to add a smooth Ibiza look to your outfit.

For me, my bag is my best friend!! My favorite bag at this moment was a present from my boyfriend. In fact, it was the best birthday present ever!! Why, because it came as a total surprise: and yeah… I love surprises! Especially when it is colored in fierce red, the color of fire, blood and… love. So yes, the color was probably easy for him to choose. But what about the size, model, fabric or brand? Exactly, he knew which one to pick because he knows me: your bag is a reflection of yourself!!


So I hereby reveal the bag that carries my world and accompanies me at all times and all places, and yes, I’m (certainly) emotional connected to this fierce red MICHAEL Michael Kors Tote (also available in dark blue and grey)!

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  • Love boyfriends that give good bags! Love your Michael!
    Mine gave me my bright orange Ralph Lauren bag, he picked it out but it suits me perfectly:

    • Your bag is indeed totally amazing!! And you are lucky as you husband has very good taste! Xx Susanne

  • Céline

    I love this blog already! The energy is enournous and the photos and stories are very inspiring. I am looking forward so much to reading more about your bags and more!

    • Thank you so much for your support & enthusiasm!! I will definitely keep feeding you with bag-stories;)! Xx Susanne

  • Peter

    An inspiring, happy and lovely siite. I am not into bags, but this blog could change that for me. I bought a Red Revealing Reflection for my girl and it will remind me of this blog!

    • Haha, that bag is amazing! You also have a good taste, even though you are not into bags;)! Your girl is lucky, as well as her daughters who can borrow her bag;)! Xx Susanne

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