Five reasons to love the winter!


Five reasons to love the winter!

Baby, it is cold outside! And dark, dreary – and some even call it depressing. It is winter and you might find it the worst season of all..! Even though summer is my favourite season, there are many reasons to love winter! And now that it is here, we might just as well try to make the best out of the cold and dark months! So here are a couple of things that will get us through until March.


  1. Winter is the Ski-season! I have to admit that I can’t wait to go skiing again. As from I was little, I have been a little ski-fanatic. Nothing can make me more happier that the sight of fresh snowfall on the high mountains, which is so – so – beautiful, while gliding on the pistes!
  2. The smell of winter..! The fresh cold air when you have a deep breath in the morning. No season smells as good as winter.
  3. Winter woollies! Yessss we can wear all of our favourite woollies again. And I’m not only thinking abut sweaters and capes, but also about the beanies, gloves and UGGs. ‘More is more’ when it comes to winter-style, so just keep on layering.
  4. Stodgy food tastes is shamelessly allowed! In summer we are eating light meals and have to go to the gym at least 4 times a week as we have to shine in that bikini. However, in winter we can cover up in so many layers, that we can have all that stodgy food, without feeling guilty.
  5. Just stay close to the fireplace and hold on to your red wine..! The fireplace is my favourite spot in winter. Sure a space heater is nice, but there is nothing as romantic like the heat and light from a real fire. Don’t forget your bottle of red wine and your book. Ohhh let’s just curl up for the rest of the day!


Pictures by Michiel Goudswaard


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  • I love winter mainly because I can finally wear all of the scarves I have in my closet!! Also I totally use the cold weather as an excuse to indulge in comfort foods!

    • Hahaha, exactly! Winter is the best for those scarves and comfort food! Thanks for stopping by Courtney! Hope you are enjoying the best weekend! Xx Susanne

  • Rina Doria

    I love that you were able to focus on all the positives of winter. I’ve been reading about a lot of people complain about it, especially the snow and I”m guilty of it myself, but there are a lot of things to enjoy too! Love that it gives an excuse to stay home in my pjs all day and snuggle =)

    xoxo Rina Samantha

    • Hahaha yes indeed!! We have to make the best of it as winter always takes a long time! So why waist it with negatives?! Hope you have the best week ahead! Xx Susanne

  • Laura

    I love winter, because of snow and warm drinks and also I can wear knits 🙂

    Pink Frenzy

    • Thank you for this sweet comment! Xx Susanne

  • What I love about Winter is the snow and the holiday feeling around Christmas and the fact that I can stay cozy and warm and drink a huge mug of hot chocolate!
    I am not a fan of the cold whatsoever, I truly wish Spring will come already!

    • Thank you so much for your comment Lola! I wish you a lot of fun during winter, even though you look forward to Spring! Big Xx Susanne

  • Violette

    I love to stay next to a fire place during winter! That’s one of my favorite thing about this season!

    • Exactly right!! I also love doing that with a book and a good glass of red wine! Best ever! Big Xx Susanne

  • WhatWouldVWear

    Such a great post on why to love winter even though I cannot wait to live somewhere warmer since I’m not much of a winter gal…But it’s a cozy season indeed!

    xoxo, Vanessa

    • Thank you for your sweet comment! Hope you will live somewhere warm one day! Big Xx Susanne

  • Dolce Nina

    Great post. You have beautiful eyes! xoxo

  • A great post and you’re very right, it’s great to pull out your Winter warmers and wrap up. Layering is so much fun!

    Laura xo

    • Thanks Laura!! I hope you will enjoy the best winter!! Big Xx

  • Yes, this definitely makes me love the winter! Excellent post! 🙂

  • I’m not a huge fan of winter, but I love you tips for loving it! It’s so great to look at the positive when it’s so cold out!


    • Thank you so much Annessa! It is indeed important to stay positive in the cold and dark months;)! Big Xx and enjoy winter!

  • As a winter person to the core, I love winter and your points Susanne! Nothing better than cozying up with a glass (hmmm, bottle better) of red wine near the fireplace! This is why I love winter the most, as well as multiple warm layers!
    Thanks so much for sharing and have a great week! xoxo

    • Thank you Stella! How romantic must Paris be in winter?! I hope you have a lot of those nights at the fireplace and I love your layering game on your beautiful blog! Xx Susanne

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