Bucket list 2017: Places to visit in the USA!


Bucket list 2017: Places to visit in the USA!

As I told you in this article last week, I don’t set any new year resolutions. However, I do like to make a lot of new travel plans. As I live in the USA, I made a list of the most amazing places in this country that I would love to visit in 2017. As always, my list is quite extensive (a girl can dream right) but I limited myself in this article to my top 6 of places to visit in the USA..! Which places are on your bucket list? And do you have any recommendation / additions to this list?


A little cliche, but every woman dreams of a tropical paradise. And besides beautiful beaches, good cocktails and breathtaking sunsets, this island is also rich to culture and adventure. Who wouldn’t want to go hiking up the Haleakala Crater, driving the back road to Hala or snorkelling at the Molokini Crater while you hear the winter wales singing. Maui has absolutely no shortage of scenic moments and is the epicentre of Hawaiian Regional cuisine. What else could a girl wish for?!

Places to visit in the USA

Source: Hawaii Guide


Charleston is rich to history and bursting with Southern charm. Someone told me that it almost feels like it’s suspended in time, thanks to its prewar architecture and surrounding plantation landscapes. The best way to explore is to grab a bike (loved by the Dutchies) through the historical boroughs. At night you can discover the local restaurants, nightlife and ghost tour (!!!). Ohhh, I can’t wait to play the tourist in this city in South Carolina.

Places to visit in the USA

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Yellowstone National Park

My uncle told me that Yellowstone National Park was one of the most and unique places he had ever been! It isn’t very easy to get here, but once you enter this Park, it will be absolutely worth it. Besides watching the famous Old Faithfull Geyser erupting 135 feet every 92 minutes, you can also spot Yellowstone bears, jump into a hot spring, go rafting, fishing and hiking as well as immerse yourself in Native American Culture.

Places to visit in the USA

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My husband and I love to go on city trips! And Chicago, which is the third-most populous city in the USA, is on top of our list. Not in the winter, but in summer time. Because that the best time to visit this metropool in the Mid-West. From what we understand is the food and drinks-culture alone worth a trip to this city. Moreover, it has the world’s best museums as well as architecture that awes. And did someone say shopping? The buzzing city with energy, offers it all!

Places to visit in the USA

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Lake Tahoe in winter

We visited Lake Tahoe last summer, which was already very impressive and gorgeous. However, imagine a clear blue lake, surrounded by snow where ski-fanatics come down to enjoy their holidays. To me, it really can’t get any better, so I can’t wait to go here!

Places to visit in the USA

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Horshoe Bend

The Horse Shoe Bend is another Mother Nature’s little tricks in the beautiful world of National parks in the West of the USA. Just like the Grand Canyon, sandstone and slick rock resulted in some of the weirdest, and neatest formations. It is a horseshoe-shaped zigzag in the Colorado River, Arizona. Isn’t this the most beautiful sight ever?!

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– Hope you enjoyed reading this post! Xx –

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  • Rina Doria

    You’re giving me major wanderlust babe! I never knew Charleston was so beautiful! I’ve always wanted to visit Chicago but I hear they’re have some major crime lately so I think I will have to avoid it until it sounds a lil safer <3

    Have a great weekend!

    xoxo Rina Samantha

    • Oh really?! I’m so sad to hear that about Chicago!! I will double check before I book a flight! But maybe we will see each other in Charleston:)! Have a wonderful weekend!! Xx Susanne

  • Yvonne

    I saw a documentary on Yellowstone and I was fascinated. It look so beautiful. I would sure love to visit! Have a lovely weekend!
    xo Yvonne

    • Thanks Yvonne!! Yes I’m also super excited about Yellowstone! The only thing is that it is only open for a few months a year! But I really hope I can fulfil this place on my list! Xx Susanne

  • Loving your list! I usually travel out of country and don’t travel within country as much – I think it’s because when I lived in Canada, flying within country actually cost more than flying internationally. Such a shame, isn’t it? Flying to Europe cost me less than flying to Vancouver, Canada.
    Hawaii is on my list, but I keep skipping it because most of the best flight deals to Europe, Asia and Hawaii in North America are from Toronto. I always thought it was more New York, but even my friend who was a travel agent for over 15 years said I’m better off flying from Toronto. So, maybe I’ll have to save it for when I go home for a visit.

    Charleston looks so picturesque too!
    I haven’t been to Colorado yet, but I really want to hit some resort spas there. 🙂 Have you been?


    • Really bizarre that it is more expensive to fly to Italy than to Vancouver when you lived in Canada… And I also really want to go to Hawaii! Colorado is also high on my list, especially for skiing (I love the snow!!) but I will definitely also go to a SPA if we go (thank you for the tip!!) Xx Susanne

  • Wow! Great bucketlist!
    have a fun weekend!

    x Sandra

    • Thank you sweetie!! Hope you had the best weekend! Big Xx

  • Love the selection of different locations, I hope you get to travel to all of the locations soon:)

    xo, Yasmin


    • Thank you so much Yasmin!! I also hope that you can travel a lot this year! Big Xx Susanne

  • I’ve actually been to a few of these places (my parents live in Charleston and I stayed in Maui for a week last year), and I totally agree that everyone has to visit these spots!! I love making travel bucket lists too!


    • Thank you for your sweet comment! And yeah, we just booked our flights to Maui and I know for sure we will visit Charleston! Thank you for confirming that every one should visit these places! Please let me know if you have any recommendations! Big Xx Susanne

  • Nina

    I want to visit Charleston one day, I have a feeling that I will fall in love with it forever. I would totally go to other places too, that you mentioned, because I’m a travel-lover.
    Nina’s Style Blog

    • Thank you for your sweet comment! I hope you can visit all of these places this year! Hope you have a wonderful weekend so far! Xx Susanne

  • Aditi Oberoi Malhotra

    I’d love to visit these places too!! Horseshoe Bend is so beautiful!
    Adi xx

    • Thank you so much Adi! I also think that Horseshoe is spectacular! Xx Susanne

  • Oh my gosh! Those are ALL on my bucket list! Hoping to visit a few of these places. Happy weekend!


    • Don’t they?! I indeed hope you can visit these places as well and that you will create the best memories ever!! Big Xx

  • It looks amazing Susanne!!! So amazing places!!! Kisses from Italy and thank you for your visit,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

  • This is a great list! I have been to Maui, Charleston, and Chicago. The others are on my list too!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Thank you Amy! I hope you can visit the other places this year:)! Xx Susanne

  • Such a great list! When you come to Chicago we must meet up!

    xo, Jennifer

    • Yessss we definitely should!! Thank you for your enthusiasm! Big Xx

  • these are the perfect travel plans for 2017! lots of fun adventures ahead 🙂


    • Thank you Kelsey! I’m indeed very excited for all the adventures ahead of us! Hope you also planned many great trips! Xx Susanne

  • WhatWouldVWear

    You totally have to come to my city—CHICAGO! And I agree, summer is best! The winter is way too harsh here!

    xoxo, Vanessa

    • Hahaha thank you for your enthusiasm!! Hope to see Chicago soon!! Big Xx Susanne

  • Some beautiful places, I have only been to the U.S.A a couple of times but haven’t visited any of these places! I do really like the look of horshoe bend it’s beautiful.

    Laura xo

    • Thank you so much Laura! And yessss I also think that Horseshoe Bend must be magical! Hope you can travel a lot this year! Big Xx Susanne

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