The perfect black bag!


The perfect black bag!


Happy Saturday everyone! Today I’m very happy to show you this hobo bag where you can literally live in! It is a bag that fits all your essentials; an accessory that matches any of your outfits; a carrier that is perfectly stylish. It’s the perfect black bag with the playful tassel, the soft leather material and the though looking studs attached to the handle. This is another bag by the popular Dutch brand By LouLou (more in this article). Despite the length of my skirt (or better said, the lack of it), I wasn’t cold at all. Because besides the fact this velvet jacket is gorgeous, it is also very warm. It has a festive feel as the velvet is glimmering. And the satin board of this purple jacket is enhancing the magic look of this piece of clothing. Most men combine such a jacket with their tuxedo, but I think you it’s a pity to only wear such a jacket at night. With a pair of casual boots and a nonchalant hobo bag, this jacket is the perfect one to wear during daytime.

Bag-at-you---fashion-blog---the-perfect-black-bag-By-LouLou-1 Bag-at-you---fashion-blog---Vilt-jacket-and-perfect-dress-1Bag-at-you---fashion-blog---Velvet-jacket-and-perfect-dressBag-at-you---fashion-blog---Vilt-jacket-and-perfect-black-bag-1 Bag-at-you---fashion-blog---the-perfect-black-bag-By-LouLou

Get the look: Black Bag by By LouLou, jacket and dress by Lena and black suede boots.


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  • Eni

    Hello Susanne! Color and the style of your dress and your jacket is so pretty and super feminine. This outfit is just perfect. You look beautiful as always my friend. Kisses from Italy,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

    • Thank you dear; both for your comment and support! I hope we will see a lot more velvet on the streets, love it!Xx Susanne

  • Looove this look, you look amazing! I really like your blog, let me know if you would like to follow each other!

    • Thank you very much for the great compliment! I’m always open to discover new blogs, so I will definitely check out yours later:)! Hope to see you again here on Bag at you! Xx Susanne

  • wow! The combination is real nice! Thanks!

    by LouLou

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