Lena – The fashion library – giveaway


Lena – The fashion library – giveaway

Sinterklaas is here and that means that we are happily anticipating for the so called ‘pakjesavond’. 5 December is traditionally the night that Sinterklaas and his ‘Pieten’ walk over the roofs to bring all children a present while the entire family is singing and enjoying ‘pepernoten’, chocolate and mandarins. Now that most of us have grown up, we still love celebrating the birthday of Sint with poems, ‘dobbelspel’ and gifts. And Bag at You also has this Lena – The fashion library – giveaway for you to celebrate this festive event.

A while ago this Library was introduced on this blog. This library enables you to borrow clothes, try them out and if you really like them, you have the possibility to buy them. This ‘try before you buy’-principle is a great solution for overstock and an amazing concept in sustainable fashion. They offer a unique and high quality selection of vintage pieces, eco-labels and apparel from upcoming designers. As the main purpose of this blog is to inspire you and broaden your view on fashion, I sincerely encourage you to experiment with your style as well. And for that reason I teamed up with Lena – the fashion library who will accredit one of you with a subscription of 100 points for the coming three months which means that you can borrow any of the items which you can swap whenever you like. This is very convenient with the holidays ahead: one day you borrow a Christmas look to have dinner with your parents in law, and a few days later you take a dress to celebrate new year’s eve.

In the pictures below you can see which items I borrowed to complete my look.


Lena: Kuyichi jeans and shirt, O My Bag Ally and black vest


Lena: Red vintage jacket 


Lena: Yellow coat by Wintervacht 

Bag at You - Fashion blog - Silver skirt and Herschel Backpack

Lena: Silver vintage skirt 


Lena – the Fashion library – Giveaway

So how do you win the subscription of 100 points for 3 months and acquire your infinite wardrobe? All you have to do is:

1) Leave a comment in the below in which you reveal which of the items I wear in the above pictures you would borrow from Lena – the fashion library and your email address so I can contact you in case you win;
2) Follow Lena – the fashion library on Instagram or Facebook; and
2) Follow Bag at You on Bloglovin or Instagram.

That’s all to participate in the Lena – the fashion library giveaway! We will announce the winner on the night of 5 December!

Girls!!! The draw has been done! First of all, thank you so much for joining this giveaway!! Unfortunately there was only one woman who could win the subscription… And that is: Maartje Bos!! Congratulations & I hope you love wearing the red vintage jacket!!


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  • Céline

    Ja! Ik doe weer graag mee! Zeker weten de rode vintage jacket!!

    • Ahh yes!! Super leuk dat je mee doet! Die jas is ook echt te gek; hij zou jou ook super mooi staan! Xx Suus

  • Ik doe graag mee! De zilveren maxi-rok vind ik alvast geweldig! Maar ook de rode jas zou ik wel willen gebruiken.

    • Leuk dat je mee doet Lies! Die zilveren maxi-rok zou perfect zijn voor kerst:)! En die rode jas is ook geweldig! Fingers crossed… Xx Susanne

  • Ik doe natuurlijk ook mee! Ik ga voor de rode jas XXX

    • Hahaha, de rode jas is een winner! Leuk dat je weer mee doet Eef! Xx Susanne

  • Valerie

    Allemaal collour-popping items to-die-for maar ik moest kiezen zou ik sowieso gaan voor de rode jas! Maakt elke outfit compleet! De rok zou het geweldig zijn maar die staat mij denk ik minder 😉 XX

    • Die rode jas zou jou ook echt mooi staan en het voordeel van deze ‘Bieb’ is dat je de rok gewoon zou kunnen proberen! Leuk dat je mee doet Val! Xx Susanne

  • Maartje Bos

    Jaaaaaa love the red vintage jacket! Te leuk! Zou ik heel blij van worden : )

    • Jaaa, die jas is echt te gek & zou je geweldig staan! Fingers crossed!! Xx Suus

  • Hi

    I thibk you rock the silver slirr the most!
    Its a great idea to walk trew the city looking like a princess.

    Would love 100 points to pick out my own fashion igems.

    ✌️ Maria

    • Thank you very much Maria! That skirt indeed makes you feel like a little princess! Very nice that you join this giveaway! Xx Susanne

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