Live your own authentic life with Freedom of Movement!


Live your own authentic life with Freedom of Movement!

Do you live your own authentic life? The life you have always dreamt of? Are you excited to jump out of bed early in the morning to start a new day of your life? I think you are very – very – lucky if you can answer these questions with a ‘yes, i do!‘. And I know for sure that there are some of you who can! You are probably doing something you are passionate about, that excites you 24/7. Something that keeps on filling your body with positive energy time and time again; something you love, even when it is 2pm in the morning or you have to cancel dinner with your friends – again. After more than 2 years, I am still very passionate about this blog which is my personal online destination to share my excitement for my biggest love, bags! I have to admit that I am such a happier person since I decided to pursue my dream and to follow this passion two years ago. I’m very thankful for this opportunity and for all the people who supported me during this ride. Moreover, I am also very grateful for the people and brands I have met so far who keep inspiring me as they share the same passion.


Freedom of Movement

One of those labels is Freedom of Movement, an exceptional lifestyle label that has been incorporated by two brothers in South Africa in 2013. Encouraged by their passion for design and entrepreneurship they started this accessory brand that is specialized in bespoke leather products that are crafted by hand. The artisans who design and handcraft the accessories in Stellenbosch use the finest raw materials and have a great eye for detail. The result are timeless leather goods that show a mix of traditional design and modern technology. With their ambition and love for this lifestyle brand, Freedom of Movement is now taking over Europe as well.


Freedom of Movement: ‘Based on the principles of quality, authenticity and innovative design, our vision is to represent South Africa as a globally recognised premium lifestyle brand.’


Outfit of the day!

Today I mixed a basic outfit with statement accessories from Freedom of Movement. The bag is a true sophisticated beauty. If you take a closer look you’ll note the cool lining and the several pockets to enable me to organize and to keep my valuables safe. I am also madly love with my time piece, with the sleek and delicate contemporary appeal. I love the rose gold stainless steel case and the white dial, clean and stylish. Like the bag, the strap is also made from the very best quality genuine leather and will gain character after I have been using it more often. I love it when my leather accessories have a story to tell, including some light ‘scars and scratches’ on the surface which is only possible when you get the best natural materials. The blouse is from my sister and I still love to borrow her clothes as she has a fine taste! This white laced shirt is adorable as it is the perfect mix between sexiness and coolness. This shorts are a little treasure that I found in the final sale at Maison Scotch and I love them for their comfort and elegance. Don’t you think that this look is perfect to start living your own authentic life and to live your life to the fullest?!


Get the look: The Jane bag and watch by Freedom of Movement, Marc Jacobs sandals (similar sandals here), Maison Scotch shorts (similar shorts here), Supertrash lace blouse and Sunglasses 



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  • Love your bag! Too bad they don’t have it in black!

    • Thank you so much Mandy! No this bag only comes in this Toffee colour and Dark Brown. Thank you for your visit and sweet comment! Xx Susanne

    • Hoffman Van Zyl

      Hi Mandy, apologies for the delay, only saw your comment today. The Jane is actually available in black in our stores in South Africa. Do you want us to order one for you with our next shipment? This should arrive in about two weeks time. Look forward to hearing from you. Hoffman van Zyl (FOM Europe).

  • Simona Baber

    You, my friend, are an inspiration yourself! We love running in to bloggers that love what they do and blog their hearts out! Freedom of Movement…speechless to what those two brothers did, great to hear there are still spirited and talented people all over the world!
    xoxo, simona and indre

    • Thank you so much Simona and Indre for this super big compliment! This really means a lot! I also very much admire the brothers who started Freedom of Movement and I absolutely love the accessories! Thank you once again for this super sweet comment! Xx Susanne

  • Lynn Quanjel

    I absolutely love the positive vibes of this bag and your blogpost! Are you gonna be in The Netherlands any time soon again? Xoxo

    • Hi sweetie!! Thank you for your sweet comment!! I only will be in the Netherlands for Christmas, so not really any time soon! Are you coming to San Francisco any time soon? You have some incredible shooting locations over here:)!! Xx Susanne

  • Cece Lam

    You look incredible my dear!! Please keep these posts coming 😉

    • Thank you so much sweetie! Your support means a lot to me! Big Xx, Susanne

  • ALY

    Beautiful bag! Just wow! Let us all be free spirited then 🙂 I love the message.

    <3 | X ALY | Aly In Wanderland | Latest: Red Dress & Thigh High Boots

    • Thank you so much sweetie!! Glad you are inspired by the message and this amazing bag!! Xx Susanne

  • Gorgeous bag, it looks like they type that will withstand the wear & times. The story behind it is a lovely one too. You’ll be using this bag forever!


    • Thank you so much Shannon!! I know, I love to wearing this bag!! So happy that you like the story and this article!! Maybe you will get such a bag for yourself as well one day! Xx Susanne

  • Love every detail of your look. The bag looks great in this outfit. Have a beautiful day!

    • Thank you so much Agne!! That is a super sweet compliment:)!! I hope you also do something you are passionate about and live life to the fullest:)!! Xx Susanne

  • Loving the ethics behind the bag, Freedom of movement have some really amazing bags too <3

    The Quirky Queer

    • Thank you so much Izzy for your comment! Love to hear that you like their collection and their story! Thank you for visiting this blog! Xx Susanne

  • Super beautiful bag, loving it. ♥

    • Thank you Jen!! Very happy that you like the bag :)!! Xx Susanne

  • sharon wu
    • Thank you so much Sharon!! Thanks for your visit<3 Xx Susanne

  • Love your bag and the eyelet shirt is so gorgeous

    • Thank you so much sweetie!! Means a lot to me:)! Xx Susanne


    What a great opener. Glad to see how far you’ve come and how much you enjoy what you’re doing. I’d definitely love to work full-time on my blog some day. Cute bag by the way, such a cute color for fall!


    • Thank you babe!! I really hope you can blog on a full-time basis some time soon! This bag is indeed already one of my favourites, perfect colour and shape:)!! And I really love the material!! Xx Susanne

  • I really love the watch! I bet it goes with everything. And I totally know how you feel about doing something you are passionate about, even at the cost of friend’s dinner, free time, bed time ….. That lil something about blogging and photography just excite me everyday and I still (I said still but actually i haven’t started for long lol) love doing them on a daily basis. Really nice to know that you feel the same as me too! Keep up the good work!

    xo Margaret |

    • Hi Margaret, so happy to hear that you are also very passionate about blogging! The watch is indeed a beautiful time piece and I love to wear it, every day!! Wish you all the best with blogging/your passion and hope to see you around on this blog soon! Xx Susanne

  • I’m really happy for your happiness Susanne!!! Blogger is a very beautiful work and lifestyle. I like very much your bag. Leather handmade? Wow!!! Kisses from Italy and thank you for your visit,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Bloglovin of Eniwhere Fashion

    • Thank you so much Eni! You are too sweet and supportive! Yes the bag is gorgeous right? I love this brand, Freedom of Movement! Did you know it already? Xx Susanne

  • Stella Asteria

    I love this look and photos so much Susanne! I saw it today on instagram and you look so effortless chic and happy! This bag is perfection and so wearable and the lace blouse pure perfection!
    PS: You live in such an amazing city!
    Kisses from Mykonos and have a great day!

    • Thank you very much sweetie!! I also love wearing this outfit as it is super versatile and effortless chic! the bag fits all my essentials and the leather only gets more beautiful after I wear it! And yesss, San Francisco is beautiful!! But I also really want to visit Mykonos one day!!! Xx Susanne

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